Where Is the Cost of Living Better: U.S. or Italy?

If you have Italian heritage or an Italian spouse, you may have always dreamed of living in Italy but wonder how it compares to the United States.

On average, if you live on a fixed income or earn a salary from the United States, you will find the cost of living in Italy 39% less expensive than in the United States. Essential factors, like housing, food, transportation, childcare and university education are cheaper in Italy, while gas is more affordable in the U.S. With a cheaper cost of living, many Americans are pursuing Italian dual citizenship with the help of our experienced team at With_Papers.

We are licensed New York and Rome attorneys with over 20 years of experience practicing international business law and Italian dual citizenship and residency law. Many Americans have relied on our comprehensive services to achieve their dreams of Italian dual citizenship. We work hard to streamline the process and handle every aspect of your case to ensure a stress-free experience. Our team communicates with you every step of the way, giving you the knowledge you need to confidently move forward and understand the cost of living in Italy.

5 factors that contribute to cheaper cost of living in Italy

With the average cost of living in Italy being $1,405 per month compared to $2,317 (2023 source) per month in the United States, you may also consider becoming a dual citizen to take advantage of a less expensive and more relaxed way of life. To be clear, the average salary in Italy is lower than in the U.S. So if you are living on an Italian salary, there is no difference in cost of living.

But if your income is US-based, in general, the following factors contribute to the less expensive lifestyle in Italy:


The housing markets in Italy and the United States vary drastically, with housing prices, internet costs, and rent in city centers and cheaper areas being significantly more expensive in the U.S. While housing costs differ greatly in both countries depending on location, certain areas of the United States are more expensive than Italy in every aspect.

Groceries and food

In Italy, both groceries and eating out at restaurants are cheaper than in the U.S. Essentials like bread, eggs, meat, and most produce are more expensive in America – making the healthy Mediterranean diet an affordable possibility. Even toiletries, like shampoo, soap, and toilet paper, are cheaper in Italy.

Public transportation

While gas is more expensive in Italy, public transportation is cheaper than in the United States. Both local transportation tickets and monthly passes are less expensive in Italy and may have better systems than in the U.S. Most major cities have ride-sharing bicycles and scooters as alternative ways to get around.


American parents may notice raising a child is much cheaper in Italy than in the United States. Childcare, daycare and private schools in Italy are less expensive.


The cost of university schooling in Italy is a fraction of the cost in the United States. Public and private universities in Italy offer world class education and many institutions also offer courses and degrees in English.

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