The Digital Nomad Visa is for professional remote workers for citizens from outside the EU – and their families. The visa is valid up to 12 months and can be renewed every year as long as the conditions for receiving the initial visa are still applicable.

The requirements:

  • non-EU citizens working for or with a company based outside of Italy;
  • the ability to work digitally;
  • highly qualified work;
  • if not a freelancer, the applicant must have a highly qualified employment contract;
  • college or university degree (of more than 3 years) or at least 5 years of professional experience;
  • minimum income: Euro 28,000 (approximately USD 30,000) (from various demonstrable sources, not only employment);
  • health insurance covering medical expenses and hospital stays – valid in Italy for the duration of your stay;
  • proof of accommodation;
  • at least 6 months of previous experience as a digital nomad or remote worker;
  • affidavit from the employer or self – if a freelancer – certifying the absence of criminal charges in the last five years.

The digital nomad visa issued by your local Italian Consulate must then be converted to a residency permit once in Italy. This request is made with the local Italian Questura (police station) within 8 working days from entering Italy. Once you have received your residency permit, you will receive a codice fiscale (tax code) and will be required to request a VAT (value added tax) number from the local revenue agency.

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More and more individuals dream about retiring and enjoying their golden years in Italy. 

The Elective Residence Visa or the Retirement Visa is specifically designed for non-European Union citizens with self-sustaining incomes. EU nationals benefit from freedom of movement with the EU member states and can relocate to Italy without any time limitations or restrictions. The so-called “Retirement Visa” is for individuals who seek to live permanently in Italy. The individual must prove that she/he has sufficient passive income to live autonomously in Italy. Furthermore, the recipient is not allowed to work in Italy. 

The visa application must be made at the Italian Consulate in the jurisdiction where the applicant resides. Contact us for a checklist of requirements:

Contact us here for a checklist or to schedule a free consultation with one of our Italian residency lawyers and we will walk you through the process to apply for the Retirement Visa in Italy.

The Italy Residence by Investment Program or the so-called Golden Visa is intended for non-EU investors who are committed to contributing to the Italian economy and society by making a single investment or donation, granting them residency in Italy and visa-free access to Europe’s Schengen Area.

The investment or donation is one-shot and must be made after the visa application to be eligible for the Investor Visa.  Minimum investment from EUR 250,000 to EUR 2 million.

Eligible investments are in:

  • Government Bonds;
  • Limited companies, including innovative startups;
  • Donations in i) cultural activities; preservation of cultural and natural heritage; ii) education and research or; iii) immigration management.

The visa procedure is streamlined. The entire process takes between 3-4 months. The applicant is notified of the outcome within 30 days of sending in the completed application. If the outcome is positive, the investor is issued a two-year investor residence permit, renewable for further three-year periods after arrival in Italy.

The following conditions for the issue and holding of the permit are that:

  • the investment or donation as declared in the visa application be made within 3 months from the date of entry into Italy;
  • the original investment must be held for the entire period of validity of the permit.

An investor visa holder can opt for the special tax regime for new residents. Significantly, individuals who transfer their tax residence to Italy can opt to pay an annual substitute tax of €100,000 on income produced abroad, provided they have not been a tax resident in Italy for at least nine years over the previous ten.  

Family members may also benefit from this option by paying a further annual substitute tax of €25,000 per family member. 

The Investor Visa can be applied for online through the dedicated portal With_Papers can help you navigate the application process. 

Contact us here to schedule a free consultation with one of our Italian residency lawyers and we will walk you through how to apply for a Golden Visa in Italy.

For soccer players, basketball players and golfers and cyclists. 

The professional (and amateur) athlete who elects to transfer his/her fiscal residence in Italy and stay in Italy for a 2-year period can benefit from a 50% reduction of taxable income provided they were not resident in Italy in the 2 years prior to said transfer. 

Athletes must be 20 years or older with income starting at € 500,000 and € 1 million (depending on the sport). 

Contact us to schedule a free consultation with one of our Italian sport visa lawyers and we will walk you through the process to apply for the Sport Visa in Italy. 

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