Italian citizenship through great-grandparents (or great great-grandparents)

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  • If you have an Italian great-grandparent, you may have the right to Italian dual citizenship.
  • Eligibility criteria for Italian dual citizenship by descent include an unbroken bloodline and historical citizenship status.
  • You need six key documents, including birth and naturalization certificates, to establish Italian dual citizenship through a great-grandparent.
  • With_Papers offers professional assistance in the Italian dual citizenship process, including procurement of documents, determining correctness and applicability of such documentation, assistance in preparing dossier, bringing a legal proceeding on your behalf if necessary, and personalized guidance.

If you have Italian great-grandparents (or great great-grandparents), you may have grown up visiting Italy or experiencing Italian culture. This may encourage you to pursue Italian dual citizenship, which you can obtain through your great-grandparents, as Italy recognizes citizenship by descent. While this is an excellent option for those who were not born in Italy, it can be challenging to know if you qualify for this type of dual citizenship and how to start the process. Fortunately, our experienced team at With_Papers is here to help guide you every step of the way to make your dreams a reality.

Our licensed New York and Rome attorneys have over 20 years of experience practicing international business law and Italian dual citizenship and residency law. As a full-service consultancy dedicated to assisting Americans on their journey to becoming Italian dual citizens and residents, you can trust us to handle every aspect of the process while you focus on your day-to-day activities. We strive to make your experience as stress-free and seamless as possible so that you can achieve Italian dual citizenship with ease.

What are the qualifications for Italian dual citizenship through great-grandparents?

Before becoming an Italian dual citizen through your great-grandparents, you must meet certain qualifications that prove a blood relationship between you and your relative. These requirements include the following:

  • The oldest Italian descendant must have been alive on or after March 17, 1861, when the Italian state was established. *
  • If your grandparent was not born in Italy, their parent must have been an Italian citizen at the time of their birth.
  • No one in the bloodline should have renounced their Italian citizenship before the next line was born or before 1912.
  • If your Italian ancestor is female, the next child in line must have been born on or after January 1st, 1948, as women could not yet pass down Italian citizenship through their children.

If your Italian great-grandmother was born before 1948, you may still obtain Italian dual citizenship through her. We can challenge this qualification in Italian court by building a strong case and representing you in court with a power-of-attorney. Our dedicated team understands how complicated this process can be, and we have achieved many successful outcomes in these situations. 

6 documents needed to demonstrate Italian dual citizenship by descent

In addition to meeting the qualifications for Italian dual citizenship, you must present proof of an unbroken bloodline. Here follows a non-exhaustive list of the first set of required documents needed in order to establish citizenship by descent (jus sanguinis) – which should be Apostilled and translated into Italian by an approved translator:

  • Your great-grandparent’s birth certificate
  • Your great-grandparent’s marriage certificate 
  • Your great-grandparent’s death certificate
  • Your great-grandparent’s naturalization certificate if no passport or citizen or alien identification is available
  • Proof of non-naturalization if the great-grandparent was not naturalized
  • Your grandparent’s birth certificate – the date must be before his /her parent was naturalized

Our hardworking team at With_Papers can help determine which documents you need to obtain Italian dual citizenship and keep them organized to achieve a successful outcome. 

How can With_Papers help you gain Italian dual citizenship through your great-grandparents?

While you may attempt to handle the Italian dual citizenship process on your own, it can be time-consuming and complicated. With the help of our professional team at With_Papers, you do not have to worry about overlooking crucial details or stressing about finding the documents you need. We effectively and efficiently handle every aspect of your case, including the following:

  • Understanding your needs, goals, and expectations
  • Working closely with talented professionals, including Italian and U.S. genealogy search experts, tax advisors, and lawyers for Italian court legal proceedings
  • Overcoming language barriers
  • Interpreting laws and regulations
  • Offering personalized, valuable counsel
  • Helping you understand the application process
  • Preparing your citizenship request

Our skilled and knowledgeable team works hard to make the Italian dual citizenship process as seamless and smooth as possible by taking challenging tasks off your plate and supporting you from start to finish. Every client’s family history is unique as are the reasons for pursuing Italian citizenship – so we take the time to listen to your story, address your concerns, and determine the best path to achieve your dreams.

  • The above also applies to great great-grandparents. Currently, Italian law does not limit how many generations you can go back to claim your Italian ancestry – as long as they were Italian citizens after the birth of the Italian Republic on March 17, 1861.

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If you have an Italian great-grandparent (or great-great grandparent) and an unbroken Italian bloodline, you may have the right to become an Italian dual citizen by descent. However, determining if you qualify and how to apply for this status is not easy. With the help of our experienced team at With_Papers, you can obtain Italian dual citizenship without the stress and complications. We manage every element of your case and create a customized plan based on your individual circumstances.

Our founder has been an Italian dual citizen for over 20 years, so we understand the complexities of this process and how to streamline your experience. With our open and honest communication and full-service approach, you can rest assured you are in the right hands. Whatever your reasons for pursuing Italian dual citizenship through great-grandparents, we are here to support you. To schedule a consultation, call us at 917-310-2246 or fill out our contact form or schedule a free consultation today.

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