About Us

A Message From Our Founder and CEO

We are licensed New York and Rome attorneys and have been practicing international business law and Italian dual citizenship law and residency law in Italy for over 20 years. 

With_Papers is a full-service consultancy exclusively dedicated to Italian dual citizenship and residency (and immigration) law – primarily assisting Americans in their quest to obtain dual Italian-American citizenship or residency. With_Papers works closely with talented Italian and US professionals; including experienced lawyers for legal proceedings in Italian courts, experts in Italian and US genealogy searches and Italian and US tax advisors. We provide efficient, effective, and bespoke counsel and offer the most comprehensive service related to obtaining Italian dual citizenship and residency.

We have years of experience in this field. Our founder has held dual Italian-American citizenship for over 20 years – and knows of which she speaks. 25 years ago, she spent her maternity leave in Rome going from office to office, waiting on lines before filing papers for Italian citizenship. Since then, she has assisted countless individuals in their quest for residency and dual citizenship in Italy. 

It is often challenging to interpret rules and laws and navigate the paperwork required to apply for dual citizenship or visas. Language barriers can make it seem even more of a hurdle. Bureaucracy on both sides of the Atlantic can seem daunting. Our mission is to assist in making your Italian dream a reality – and as seamless as possible. 

Over the years, we have listened to the stories of our clients and the reasons for re-acquiring their Italian citizenship. Sometimes it’s just the fleeting nostalgia of baked ziti Sunday lunches at nonna’s, or that junior year abroad in Florence where everything seemed possible, or after your first child is born and deciding it is time to share your partner and child’s nationality. 

Or it is not a question of family, but a sense that Italy is a state of mind that you relate to – la dolce vita – and all that entails. And that Italy is a place where you could find your community. 

We are all juggling and constantly processing our feeds and newsreels. The emotional toll of the health pandemic, political and social divisions, and the war in Eastern Europe – leaves no one indifferent. The chance to look forward and plan one’s future – to root oneself in family history, go for that dream on your bucket list, have the freedom to travel, manage fiscal responsibilities, or simply the certainty of a backup plan. 

The reasons are endless for wanting the Italian experience With_Papers.

We look forward to learning yours,

Deanna Richardson, Esq.
Founder and CEO of With_Papers