A.I.R.E., explained.

You have probably run across the term AIRE in your research on Italian dual citizenship. Here follows an explanation of why and where it fits into the process.

What is AIRE and how does it fit into the citizenship process?

AIRE stands for the Anagrafe Italiani Residenti all’Estero or Registry of Italians living abroad.
Established in 1988, it holds the personal data, vital records and addresses of Italian citizens living abroad.

It is managed by a person’s Italian municipality (comune) based on data and information received from Italian Consulates. If you receive your citizenship through your ancestor and live outside of Italy, your municipality will be the town where your ancestor was born or last resided in.

AIRE is mandatory for:

  • New Italian dual citizens;
  • Italian citizens who transferred their residency abroad for more than 12 months;
  • Italian citizens living abroad – whether born there, or because they became Italian citizens later in life.


Newly minted Italian citizens living abroad must register with AIRE before their passport appointment with their local Consulates. Consulates will generally take care of this if you receive your citizenship through the Consulate.

Italians moving abroad must submit their AIRE request to their local Consulate within 90 days of arrival in the consular jurisdiction.

Recent legislation (January 1, 2024) has made registration with AIRE mandatory. Failure to register with AIRE can lead to administrative fines of 200 euro to 1000 euro for a maximum of five consecutive years.

AIRE advantages:

AIRE registration allows Italian citizens living abroad to exercise rights, such as:

  • obtaining passports and identity cards, as well as certifications;
  • the possibility of renewing driving licenses (outside the EU);
  • voting in Italian elections and referendums.

Registration for AIRE can only be made on the FAST IT portal
on the Consulate website (Anagrafe Section). Once you have created an account on the portal, you can proceed with your AIRE registration.

IMPORTANT: Registration of the FAST IT account must be made using the last name and all the name/s on the Italian ID or birth certificate – otherwise the application will be refused.

What happens when you move to Italy?

Once you register as a resident in an Italian municipality, your AIRE file will be closed.
You are free to reside anywhere in Italy.

Healthcare and AIRE:

Once you become a resident of Italy, you will be registered with the Italian National Healthcare system.

Italian citizens living outside Italy and registered with AIRE do not have access to Italian National Healthcare. However, Italian citizens registered in AIRE – temporarily in Italy and without (public or private) health insurance – are entitled to free Italian medical care, limited to emergency medical services for up to 90 days a year.

In such cases, she/he must submit a declaration to the local Public Health Department in Italy indicating  to be an Italian citizen registered in AIRE together with her/his municipality.



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