With_Papers is here to make
the dream of dual nationality
come true.

With_Papers is a bespoke consultancy that specializes in assisting individuals to obtain dual Italian citizenship or Italian residency.

In recent years, many more US citizens have considered the idea of a second passport or a second residency. Many who contemplate dual citizenship are of Italian descent, and a significant minority are not. Acquiring Italian citizenship does not have to be a daydream, on the list of things to look into – eventually. Need Italian citizenship assistance? Contact us today to get started. 

With_Papers is dedicated to facilitating each person’s needs to obtain dual citizenship or residency in Italy. Our sole focus is Italy. We are dual citizenship lawyers in Italy and the US and offer a comprehensive consultation to assist you in identifying your specific needs, subsequently, including a report that analyzes your unique needs, costs associated with obtaining dual citizenship or residency in Italy, and the process and timeline for its completion.

With_Papers is here to help make the dream of dual nationality or Italian residency, and the dream of freedom, that Plan B, become a reality. Contact our expert Italian citizenship lawyer for seamless Italian citizenship assistance today!

We are an Italian-American dual nationality agency
assisting in:

Obtaining Italian citizenship for Italian-Americans,
and not only.

Genealogy search and procurement of all documents
in the US and Italy.

Guidance and Preparation of citizenship request.

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